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Wherein we eat pie - Our Road Trip Is Better Than Your Road Trip
Our Road Trip Is Better Than Your Road Trip
Feb. 5th, 2007 09:25 pm
Wherein we eat pie

And it is cool. COOL, I TELL YOU! See?


Our cool farm of Lothlorien is situated virtually on the foothills of a big mean old road that we'll call Macquarie Pass, for that is it's name. It was originally cut through in the 19th century to allow the bullock teams to access the Southern Highlands from the coast, and as the name "Highlands" would suggest, it's steep. And winding. And I made Sarah drive it so my parents wouldn't freak out about me doing it (tscha, I've driven it three times before :p )

She passed the pass (applause please!) with flying colours:

Driving the Pass

Kazzy took some video. Here's one where Sarah describes an incident when her mother was learning to drive:

And another where we saw a really cool waterfall that sucked a bit 'cause of the drought but was still awesome:

Please note the tinny music in the car. Sarah brought an adaptor so we could listen to CD's but it wasn't particularly successful :) Luckily there was lots of fun conversation in any case :)

Lo and behold, we make it to the top of the Pass. At the top of the Pass is a town called Robertson, known for its potatoes and its awesome pie shop. Mmmm, pie.

So we stopped and ate pie, after Kazzy defied the sign on the door, 'cause she's a rebel like that:

Sign Defiance One

Pie was eaten. It was good pie. Sarah had mentioned the awesomeness that is the cherry pies they sell there, so Kazzy had one and enjoyed it more than this shot would suggest:

Cherry Pie

Sarah had some sort of a meat concoction which I think we'll agree that she enjoyed thoroughly:


There are no pictures of me and pie, but you aren't missing a lot :p I had a bacon, egg and cheese pie- to wit, as Sarah described it, "a quiche with a lid." It was breakfasty and nice.

We finished our pie and got back into the car just as a bunch of bikies showed up for breakfast, and continued on our way :)

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Feb. 5th, 2007 10:59 am (UTC)

Bikies? I don't even remember that.

Maybe I couldn't hear over all the PIE.

Feb. 5th, 2007 11:03 am (UTC)

They were polite bikies, I'll grant them that :)

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