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Ranelagh House - Our Road Trip Is Better Than Your Road Trip
Our Road Trip Is Better Than Your Road Trip
Feb. 5th, 2007 10:25 pm
Ranelagh House

So as J has said, we drove through Macquarie Pass, which is TEH PRETTEH and came out at Robertson and had seriously the best pie I've ever had in my whole life. It had these gorgeous ripe cherries in it and they didn't taste fake at all and seriously I could eat that pie all day. OMG ORGASMIC PIE.

*fans self*

Anyway...on we went to Ranelagh House, which the girls told me was this big mansion type place that used to be a seminary or a nunnery, and now there were like peacocks in the garden and stuff. On the way we saw a missing peacock...it was just wandering out on the road all by itself, oh noes! We were slightly concerned about it, but truth be told it'd probably find it's way back, I'm sure it knows where to go to get a meal. :)

Then we arrived at Ranelagh House and it was as gorgeous as the girls claimed it was.

Day 1 (44)small

Walking through the front door.

Inside the living room. Note the groovy old fashioned furniture.

Day 1 (51)small

In the parlor next to the living room.

Day 1 (52)small

These groovy elephant things were propping open the door to the ballroom. Look...it's an elephant...and it's also a CHAIR.

Day 1 (55)small

The dining room next to the ballroom.

Day 1 (56)small

J sitting on the stairs. You aren't actually allowed upstairs so this is as far as we could get.

Day 1 (49)small

This was the fountain out the front of the house. So very pretteh.

Day 1 (43)small

Then we drove round the back to look at teh aminals. There are a lot of animals living there - deer, peacocks, a cute cat and dog, and they have a bird aviary. We didn't want to waste too much time there but we really want to go see the cocky, as J said he was very cute and friendly. This isn't a good shot but here he is:

Day 1 (54)small

Yes, that's a black cockatoo. We have black cockatoos as well as sulfur crested ones in Australia, too. :)

So that was Ranelagh House...teh pretteh.


Feb. 7th, 2007 11:24 am (UTC)

Obligatory comment! :p

Eowyn Unquendor
Feb. 13th, 2007 08:51 pm (UTC)

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