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The Big Merino, Yass and Gundagai - Our Road Trip Is Better Than Your Road Trip
Our Road Trip Is Better Than Your Road Trip
Mar. 14th, 2008 09:27 pm
The Big Merino, Yass and Gundagai

OK so J and I are writing this in tandem even though it's under her username, this is because our combined powers of AWESOME are so much that it requires both of us to type at once.

As a result J's bit will be in italics. Yah. So anyway, before we left Goulburn it was absolutely imperative that we visit Ye Olde Big Merino, which is exactly what it sounds like... a building fashioned into a really big sheep on the side of the road. See?:


Now for those of you wondering why one would erect a huge sheep by the side of the road, it's because sheep are fairly important to the economy of the area, hence with our previous quote, "What is the main industry around here?" "Sheeping!"

It was also bloody hot inside the head of the Big Merino - I couldn't be fucked going up but the others did and reported it as being so.

Well J says she can't remember being up there but we all know what J's memory is like.

There's a gift shop in the bottom part where a very nice lady told me I could take all the photos I wanted, and Kazzy and Sarah defied the signs and defiled the merchandise:



I bought something here I think, but can't remember what it was, and the others bought water because it was outrageously hot, seriously.

We all commented on how nice the people in Goulburn are, and how it sucked that such nice people had to be on Stage 5 water restrictions.

Anyway on we drove, and because previous plans had been laid down for us to romp around the countryside bellydancing whilst J took photos, we stopped at a truck stop outside Yass to get changed.

Now, although I'm straight I am a fan of boobs. But dear Kazzy, was it really necessary to show yours at a truckstop next to the biggest highway in Australia?

Yes it was J.

Contrary to J's opinion, there was nobody out there as this is the Australian bush and it was bloody hot. We stopped the car behind a public loo and got dressed there but I decided not to get fully dolled up yet coz we wanted to find a more glamorous location for the photo shoot. However we did somehow break out the drum and zils and started dancing for no reason:




Well Kazzy, that was awesome, and perhaps we'd better tell everyone about the really awesome bits in the next entry?

Yes J - I'd forgotten this is quite a long entry already.


PS- J would like to point out that all complaints re: the size of some of the pics be directed at bacardibreezer7 and not herself :)

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